>> STC-B Noble confetti streamer Launch Machine
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>> STC-E-II Confetti Blaster(New version)
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>> STC-H Mini Confetti Blaster
>> STC-I Single confetti Shooter
>> STC-I DMX Four Head confetti Shotter
>> STC-J LED Confetti Blower(RGB)
>> STC-H Middel Size confetti shooter
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STC-B Noble confetti streamer Launch Machine

stainless steel confetti streamer launch,press watch! Power Control.can reach about 8-10meter high!can be adjusted the spraying streamer angle as you wish!
Technical Parameter:
Control Model: Power control
Voltage: 110-240V 50-60HZ
Weight: 12KG
Control Mode: Power Control
Package: 1pc/carton


Factory Add:No.19,Tianxing street, taihe,Baiyun Director,Guangzhou,Guangdong Provience. China